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To enhance the quality of life and improve our living space we concentrate our efforts on R&D.

Smart home
  • Home network solution development
  • HEMS(Home Energy Management System) service and technology development
  • Home IoT and specialized mobile technology development
  • Cloud base, residential-complex, integrated-management solutions development
IoT 기술
IoT Technology
  • Research on IoT wireless network interlocking technology
  • Develop IoT wireless sensor technology and specialized services using location-aware technology
빅데이터 & 인공지능
Big Data & AI
  • Research on data collection and real-time mass data analysis technology
  • Research on AI based, automatic home control and energy management solutions
지능형 빌딩 시스템
Intelligent Building System
  • Research on integrated operation methods for building systems
  • Research on the optimal control algorithm for air/hygiene/ventilation/ heat source devices.
  • Research on building energy management and renewable energy operations technology
  • Develop automatic control for buildings and monitor control technology
출입통제 시스템
Access control system
  • Develop an optimal-access control system reflecting the purpose and distinctiveness of the building (short-range wireless communication, biometric, etc.)
호텔 관리 시스템
Hotel management system
  • Develop hotel (dormitory, training center, etc.) energy management and energy-saving solutions.
  • Develop room and hotel management solutions
소방 시스템
Fire fighting System
  • Research on an algorithm to minimize detector malfunctions in different environments
  • Research on low power consumption Analog repeaters/detectors and on expanding their communication range.
친환경 LED
Connected Smart Lighting
  • Develop highly efficient indoor and outdoor lighting and mood lighting
  • Develop DC distribution based connected smart lighting solutions
Smart home


Home network solutions
  • Develop a variety of platform products, video call and indoor device control technology using wired/wireless communications.
  • Develop a variety of devices and technology to promote a convenient and comfortable living environment.
HEMS(Home Energy Management System) Service & technology
  • Develop energy saving induction services through the analysis and comparison of energy usage patterns
  • Micro-generation technology applied light energy-harvesting technology
Home IoT & specialized mobile technology
  • IoT standardization technology (OneM2M, OCF etc) research, by interlocking IoT devices and the home network system.
  • mobile network technology and video & voice process technology for video calls between home network products and smart devices (smart phone, tablet pc) by interlocking IoT devices and the home network system.
Cloud based residential complex integrated management solution.
  • Regular monitoring system that uses the security, access control etc. systems of a residential complex.
  • Technological developments interlocking servers with mobile carriers and home appliance companies
IoT technology

IoT technology

Wireless network interlocking technology research
  • Develops lighting controlBLEMesh network technology and smart one-pass solutions
  • Owns solutions that are applicable to a variety of applications using wireless based location awareness technology.
  • Holds patent for the low-power operation method for wireless device.
IoT wireless sensor technology research
  • Possesses a wide variety of indoor sensing technology that can monitor and maintain an optimized indoor environment.
  • Develops a variety of sensor technology including fine dust, indoor air quality, vibration detection, illuminance analysis, etc.
Big Data & AI

빅데이터 & 인공지능

Research on data collection and real-time mass data analysis technology
  • Real-time data collection solutions for the public areas of residential complexes / home devices
  • Research on data pattern analysis/ learning / statistics/ predictive algorithms.
Research on AI based home automatic control and energy management solutions
  • Research on power saving technology using data learning / statistics/ prediction
  • Research on environment sensor monitoring and environment improvement services
  • Research on data processing for personalized AI service
Smart Building System

Smart Building System

Building automatic control technology & BEMS services
  • Link optimization through SI,FMSintegrated configuration
Building automatic control & monitoring control technology
  • Develops BACnet controller and monitoring control software for the buildings’ automatic control, to improve the efficiency of building control.
  • Develops optimal operation technology by measuring/analyzing energy usage of equipment / yield / air conditioning zone.
  • Research on energy information analysis technology for each energy source /purpose/ heat source
Access control system

Access control system

An optimized solution regarding the purpose and specifics of the building
  • Develops a network based high-performance access controller
  • Develops biometric technology applied terminal
  • Develops imbedded DB technology and algorithm for access approval
Hotel management system

Hotel management system

Room energy management and energy saving solutions
  • Develops hotel room energy management systems such as power interception, air conditioning, etc. for the efficient energy management in hotel rooms
Hotel rooms & hotel management solutions
  • Develops real-time room management solutions through configuring a network between each hotel room and the front desk.
  • Room access and check-in & check-out management technology, room management control technology, integrated management systems software technology
Fire fighting system

Fire fighting system

Communication process technology
  • Serial communication technology that has proven its worth in a wide variety of settings from home network and automatic building control to fire fighting systems
  • 2-wire DCPLC communication technology, devised for max. 1.2 km communication distance
  • Repeater/ high capacity detector, high-speed monitoring, control process technology
Connected Smart Lighting

친환경 LED

Develops high-efficiency indoor & outdoor lighting, mood lighting, etc.
  • Develops light sources & illuminance distribution technology and heat dissipation lens design technology
  • possesses mood lighting control technology that can change illuminance and color depending on the environment.
Connected Smart Lighting Solution
  • Enhanced energy efficiency by dc power supply through Smart Distribution Board
  • Easily installed to replace lighting and simplified wiring control
  • Contributes a variety of functions through network connection to IoT device, home network devices, etc.
  • SI(System Integration) : The service that builds, manages it and provides an information system, needed by the firm.
  • OneM2M( Machine to Machine) : International standardization cooperation for IoT
  • OCF(Open Connectivity Foundation) : Standard organization for connected devices
  • FMS(Facility Management System) : Facility Management System
  • BLE(Bluetooth Low Energy) : Bluetooth Low Energy
  • HEMS(Home Energy Management System) : Home Energy Management System
  • BEMS(Building Energy Management System) : Building Energy Management System
  • BACnet(Building Automation and Control Networks) : Building Automation and Control Networks