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We will do our best to add
technology to the space and
provide new value to our customers.

CEO Seong Eun KIM

HDC LABS is a new company that changed its name after HDC ICONTROLS absorbed and merged with HDC ISERVICE.

HDC ICONTROLS is an eco-friendly construction IT specialist that has been leading the cutting-edge business environment and housing culture by proposing the best IT solutions and has built a solid location in various business areas. On the other hand, HDC ISERVICE is a company that has been a leader in the domestic building management industry and has provided optimal services for improving the real estate value of customers.

Through the merger of the two companies, HDC LABS plans to improve its structure as a high value-added business through portfolio diversification and actively seek out new businesses that utilize spatial data. In the future, we will do our best to add technology to the space, provide new value to our customers, and provide a more comfortable and safe business and residential environment.