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Smart Road
A system offering safe and efficient traffic control operation

We provide safe and efficient traffic control operation systems through applying the latest technology: electronic control, communications, etc., to conventional roads.

Yielding integrated, next generation solutions for communication, both vehicle to vehicle and vehicle to road.

While driving, the vehicle communicates with the infrastructure installed in other vehicles or roads, it receives and checks real-time information on surrounding traffic conditions, abrupt braking, and issues warnings to prevent accidents.

Smart Rail
Total E&M solution provision for the Smart Railway

We provide railways, signals, communications, machines, electricity, power-system construction and high quality engineering services.

We provide next generation solutions in signals, communications, and both electrical and mechanical systems for railway operations.

Railway E&M offers a signal system that provides vehicle control for safe railway operations, an electrical system that supplies electricity for train operation and communication & mechanical systems for comfortable customer service. Electric line, automatic control, communication, signal, machine, electric power

  • 전차선 Electric line
  • 자동제어 automatic control
  • 통신 communication
  • 신호 signal
  • 기계 machine
  • 전철전력 electric power
Smart Port
Provide automated integrated solution for container terminals

We supply integrated port-management information systems that use the latest technology for automated cargo terminals

We provide the optimal solution for automated port operation.

The port terminal operation system runs terminal operations tasks (container loading & unloading, transferring in & out tasks) through an IT system. The system puts TOS at its core and comprises information & communication infrastructure, a gate automation system, TPDU and an additional communication facility.