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The Smart Home IoT system offers a futuristic living environment using the latest IT technology
Based on our experience and knowhow, built through our continuous provision of home network systems development, we lead the home IoT and mobile based smart home paradigm and offer personalized solution after analyzing our clients’ lifestyle.
Smart home solution
Home Control System Smart Led Light Connected System Smart Parking System Home ventilation
Home control system
Provide jog-dial wall pad centered intelligent IoT home service.

The jog-dial wall pad with its high usability becomes the center of the home and the home appliance control. This system offers the latest IoT system for heating, ventilation, security & safety, energy management, etc. This system is designed to be ready for any emergency such as a break in, fire, gas leakage and blockages, etc its access management (one-pass) system makes domestic life more convenient

Smart LED lighting
LED mood lighting that can freely change brightness and color.

ICONTROLS’ Smart LED lighting can freely control the brightness and the color of the lighting. Its use of an edge-type lighting method gives it a slim and exclusive design. Through its own application, Smart LED lighting can not only control the brightness and color of the lighting but can also offer mode control, user mode setting, voice recognition, etc. to offer greater convenience

(Optional) non-power source switch

A switch that uses solar panels giving it a self-charging ability meaning that it does not require wiring.

Completed application for design registration
  • 1Morning mode

  • 2healing mode

  • 3movie mode

  • 4sleep mode

Connected system
(DC distribution)
Smart distribution that can operate the power supply as well as data communication at once.

The connected system is a new concept IoT solution that supplies DC power and enables communication between lighting and control devices. This system replaces the individually installed ballast stabilizers with an integrated-type SMPS, this collects the home network system’s data and analyzes and processes a variety of energy usages. Furthermore, it can increase energy management efficiency through blocking standby power and setting peak amounts, etc.

Smart parking system
From smart car park security to parking space guidance, this product offers a safe and convenient system

The smart car park system has 360° CCTV with a lamp indicating full/empty spots. It is the complete security and parking guidance system. Through its lamp indicating full/empty spots it helps people to check for a parking space. It also helps the user to find their parked car at the wall-pad or kiosk. An emergency bell and cctv application at public area and elevator secures complete security and safety.

The built-in sensor lighting uses motion detecting to control the brightness automatically.

The smart parking system uses a motion detecting device that automatically controls the brightness of the lighting and can reduce maintenance costs through power saving. This system can monitor the entire parking lot’s lighting and its individual function and group functions aid high management efficiency.

Home ventilation
Through our excellent ventilation system, we offer a comfortable and pleasant office/living environment to our clients.

The air in a modern building contains many contaminants due to crowding and high-rise building trends which make natural ventilation difficult. BESTIN AIR expels polluted indoor air and provides clean and refreshing filtered air. A pleasant life everyday in clean natural air, BESTIN AIR will make it happen for you.